Wednesday, 24 April 2013

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At the end of the season we select our Forum Prins or Princess....who was most helpful on the forum ? CHECK THE LINK ABOVE

Who enjoyed chatting and interacting with other brides and grooms the most?? 
Register now to make a chance to a DISCOUNT on your Wedding Planning, Wedding cakes and more...There are also beautiful prizes to win for our newly weds and happy this space for more info... 
TO MAKE A CHANCE TO WIN, register now and interact with our other brides and grooms to be, newly weds, happy chatters or wedding friends, planners and of luck to you all Cheers Dave and Steffie

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Algarve Wedding proposals

" At Last" Etta James is one of the most popular first dance choices of last season.....
Is this because of a special reason? long did it take you to engage to get married?


ALGARVE WEDDING CHAT. chat to other brides and grooms getting married in Algarve Portugal

Hiya Folks today we finsihed our new layout for our DC Chat.

Join us and chat with other DC brides and grooms in the same situation or ask one of our friends in the wedding business like suppliers, planners or venues for advise.

Happy Chatting and Posting! Cheers DC


Monday, 8 April 2013

Studio rehearsals for our weddings in Dublin and Roscommon

Dear followers,

Another week has started with studio rehearsals for our weddings in Dublin and Roscommon.
Some really good song ideas crossed our path and we are delighted to learn them to personalize the big day...

Today our forum is alive for one week and we are delighted with all the positive feedback we got from our friends in the wedding business and of course our happy couples, the reason why we started this in the first place... its such a great feeling our brides and grooms can exchange ideas and we are able to help you do it....
A lot of our friends in the wedding business have joined also just ask away any queries you have and we are sure they will do their utmost to be of help..

Dave has expanded his Vintage guitar collection......  check out below photo for all guitar lovers ! .-)

chat to all soon!

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