Sunday, 31 March 2013

What is your favourite venue check below link


Double Cocktail Wedding Forum

Dear Fans and friends we are delighted to introduce our very own Wedding forum. which gives you the opportunity to chat to other brides and grooms in the same situation or planners and suppliers who became our friends over the years Happy chatting to you all. find below link and register for some fun :)

Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter weekend

atfer a busy week with emails and meetings its time to relax for the Easter weekend. On Monday the last preparations for our wedding at the gorgeous Vila Vita Parc the coming week...HAPPY EASTER everyone!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Portuguese Wedding pictures

Just wanted to share the below link with you all. Amazing pictures from our Portuguese weddings throughout the season enjoy!
Monday 25th march 2013,

We got up in the morning and it was raining....oh no!..... our first wedding of the season and it had to rain? this cant be happening?! At around 11.00am we got ourselves to the venue Grande Real Santa Eulalia Hotel where we started to unload the equipment and still raining.
However with the outside ceremony stating at 2:00pm we had hope the weather would change and after checking the we were crossing our fingers they would be right about it.

The happy couple asked us to perform "Somewhere over the rainbow" as their special wish for bride entrance and it was pretty close to having a rainbow right there and then, as at 1:00 pm an hour before the actual ceremony started, we saw the sky opened up and the sun came out.....

After a wonderful touching ceremony the guests had cocktails on the terrace and it really made everyone forget how the day started off that same morning, wonderful dinner followed outside on the Le Club terrace and after the first dance the guests didn´t leave the dancefloor from the begiining of our show untill the end ...whooohoo what a great way to start the season!!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hello Season 2013

24 March 2013

Hello Season 2013

The Wedding season is about to start this week. Winter season is over and we cant wait to get the ball rolling ´despite the weather being a bit unstable, we have our fingers crossed for the popular Algarve sunshine for our first Algarve wedding couple of the season, the sunshine after all being one of the main reasons why so many brides and grooms decide to get married abroad.

At the Grande Real Santa Eul├ília we know what to expect, it will feel like a warm bath seeing the staff again after the winter break. 

The fabulous Le Club delivers the guaranteed environment to party! Vamos!